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Duração: c.60 min

Classificação etária: M/12

O SAXOFONE QUE FALAVA é um espetáculo de Teatro Multimédia.





Projecto apoiado pela Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

New Multimedia Theater READY TO RUMBLE!



Fotografia da estreia: Pedro Mostardinha



Sousini é um compositor cansado da busca por inspiração, que possui uma caixa onde esconde um segredo que pode mudar o mundo. Simultaneamente, é constantemente perseguido e abordado pela sua sombra, que ganhou vida e que lhe fala por detrás de um espelho. Sousini é admirado por todos, no entanto, ele julga-se um embuste e já só quer partilhar o segredo da caixa, "parar e ser feliz, num cantinho qualquer longe da ribalta. Amor e uma cabana". Mas a sua sombra tem planos bem diferentes!

Projecto apoiado pelo GEPAC - Ministério da Cultura

CLICK HERE for videos, photos and more info about  O GRANDE SOUSINI

"Carlotta Ferrari, Luis Serrapio and Gerson Bastista, winners of the ISCM- International Society for Contemporary Music / Musika Bulegoa Choral Composition Competition 2022"

"The sailor is, according to the author, “a metaphorical description of life and the passage of time in a globalized world.” The jury has highlighted its “originality in the use of voice and its effectiveness in shaping sound environments”."

The Sailor IMAGEM OP.jpg

My new piece "palavras flutuadas" ("floated words"), recently commissioned by the Flute Orchestra of the University of Aveiro, will have its premiere on the 20th of July in the Azores, and it will be part of the new FLUTUA concert series, which includes only new repertoire written for the purpose, by me and a fantastic group of colleagues.

The image is composed of the 2 first pages of the piece superimposed.




My newest piece, "CONNECTING DOTS", commissioned by the Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival, will be premiered on October 24, by the Shanghai New Music Ensemble, during the Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival 2022.

CONNECTING DOTS | Gerson Batista
for the Shanghai New Music Ensemble

🎼 Image of an excerpt of the "insert nº3"


My most recent work "Risky Tale!"[2022] is one of the three finalist of the "Grazia Deledda" International Music Composition Competition, in Italy, along with "La notte, un sonetto d'autunno" by Marco Lizzeri and "Quasi (parole) di Grazia" by Emanuele Piras.

The final concert and the awards ceremony will take place during the month of October, at the auditorium of the Scuola Civica di Musica Antonietta Chironi of the Municipality of Nuoro.

🔴"Risky Tale!" was written in my "free time" between bureaucracy, commissions and rehearsals of the last few months, so it was a "risky tale" in all its core, but it ended up having the happiest possible ending.

risky tale ii.png

Another very challenging work is COMPLETE!
Arpejo Editora assigned me with the task of writing 10 pieces for 5 different degrees of voice difficulty (low and high register) plus piano accompaniment.
This fantastic pedagogical project by Arpejo Editora takes 90 new pieces, by 9 Portuguese composers, to all music education schools in the country!

The music scores just arrived, and I took the opportunity to dust off the piano.

5 graus 5 peças.png
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