Another very challenging work is COMPLETE!
Arpejo Editora assigned me with the task of writing 10 pieces for 5 different degrees of voice difficulty (low and high register) plus piano accompaniment.
This fantastic pedagogical project by Arpejo Editora takes 90 new pieces, by 9 Portuguese composers, to all music education schools in the country!

The music scores just arrived, and I took the opportunity to dust off the piano.

5 graus 5 peças.png

Congratulations to all the organizers, to my fantastic colleague Kari Cruver Medina (United States of America) for the 1st Prize and to the great Joshua Fishbein for the 3rd Prize, also from the USA.

"...rivers in red we see
we are the water and the blood
God! Time will not stop!..." 

Rivers in Red.png

My new piece "LINE OF CYCLES!" will be premiered on December 11 in Tokyo, by Satoko Inoue (piano), Kanae Mizobuchi (voice), and Kota Sakamoto (tuba), during the Keiko Yoneda ICC 2021.

Gerson Batista | LINE OF CYCLES! | for female voice, tuba, piano and electronics


My new piece "the Creation Anima Animus" will be premiered on December 3rd at the Orgel Park by the incredible Black Pencil, in a concert inserted in the Festival Prix Annelie de Man 2021, in Amsterdam.

"the Creation Anima Animus"  | for blockflute, panflute, viola, accordion, percussion and fixed media electronics

Black Pencil | Jorge Isaac (blockflute), Matthijs Koene (panflute), Esra Pehlivanli (viola), Marko Kassl (accordion), Enric Monfort (percussion)

black pencil site.png

My latest piece for Symphony Orchestra "FADO COURSE" won the Excellence Award at the Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival "Art Creation Awards", which will take place in the beautiful Chinese city of Hangzhou, from October 15th to 19th, at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music.

FADO COURSE [2021] | A piece about the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues for Symphony Orchestra | Gerson Batista

fado course.png

My piece "Tolstoy's Dream", performed by Ivan TSAREV, received 4 Awards at the Moscow Conservatory, last September 6th, to start the Organ Taurida maraton, and will consequently be recorded, edited and included in another series of concerts, which will join the dozens of concerts already scheduled throughout Russia.

- Prize from the Foundation of the composer Vladislav Uspensky - performance of the composition "Tolstoy's Dream"  written by Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal) in St. Petersburg, at a unique organ-vocal evening dedicated to literary images in the music of the composer Vladislav Uspensky.

- Prize from the Foundation for the Development of Russian-French Historical Initiatives - a book-album in English about Russia, its history and culture, as well as an exclusive performance of the composition at the event of the project “Leningrad 2021”- in the presence of the latest Soviet, French, American, Canadian veterans of the Second World War. – to composer Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal) "Tolstoy's Dream".

- Special prize from magazine “Organ”- a large article about the creativity and compositions of the composers Salvatore Passantino (Italy), Eli Tauseen á Láva (Faroe Islands, Denmark), Bruno Vláhek (Croatia), Aleksander Szopa (Poland), Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal)

- Special prize from the BOMBA PETER Music Company and personally CEO - Oleg Grabko - the release of the CD, the collection of 5 compositions written by the following composers - Salvatore Passantino (Italy), Eli Tauseen á Láva (Faroe Islands, Denmark), Bruno Vláhek (Croatia), Aleksander Szopa (Poland), Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal).

My new piece ESTRATIFICAÇÕES was premiered by the fantastic Performa Ensemble this Thursday, September 23rd, at 6:00 pm, at the Fernanda Correia Auditorium, at the Gaia Conservatory and in September 24th at the Auditorium of the Regional Music Conservatory "Dr. José de Azeredo Perdigão " in Viseu,

ESTRATIFICAÇÕES | for piano, flute, guitar, percussion and electronics

performa comission.png
performa comission 2.png

My new piece "CHANGES!" was awarded with the 3rd Prize at the Busan International Composition Competition 2021, in South Korea, and will be soon premiered in the Busan Choral Festival, wich is the largest festival of its kind in the entire Asian continent and where every year around 700 singers from various countries and around 1000 South Korean singers gather to sing works from all over the world.

2021 Busan International Composition Competition Winners:

1st Place: Ryle Nicole Custodio "Tagu-taguan" (Philippines)​​

2nd Place: Jaehyeok Choi "Arirang" (South Korea)​

3rd Place: Gerson de Sousa Batista "Changes!" (Portugal)


My most recent piece "MY BIPOLAR DISORDER"[2021] for solo piano, will soon premiere in Reno (Nevada, USA), after being one of the winners of Call reNEW Music 2021, which featured more than 300 compositions from all over the world.

my bypolar.png

My work DEREPENTE! for solo violin and electronics was awarded with the prize for Outstanding Artistic Merit at the International Composition Competition Professor Marin Goleminov 2020 in Bulgaria and will be soon premiered  at the next SONOGRAMS Contemporary Music Festival in Sofia.


I recently composed 4 pieces for these fantastic musicians. The challenge was to write a song for each season, in a tone that sounded traditional but contemporary at the same time. For now, let's hear " THE WINTER".

My piece "A SAIA DA CAROLINA", for string quintet, orff instruments and choir, is a finalist at the iconic Carl Orff International Composers Festival in Germany, and will soon be premiered in Munich.
PS1: Inspired by the traditional Galaico-Portuguese song with the same name.
PS2: The premiere and final is delayed until the end of the year 2023


 My work "WHO IS SHE?" was awarded with the 2nd Prize at the Evivakoren and Exaudio International Composition Competition 2019.

Take a look at the video.

The most psychedelic Tavern you've ever heard of. 

A musical drama psychedelic theater, for 2 percussionists, the tavern keeper and his most regular customer! Stay tuned for this insane voyage through space and time!




Premiered in the USA


 My new work "Playing with the Universe" will be premiered and played by the incredible Cantus, with performances from October 10-20 at five Twin Cities venues.
"One Giant Leap" celebrates the allure of upward exploration, the triumph of the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence through innovation and technology."


Golden Day Performance Wins Reading Cultural Award


"The world premiere performance of Gerson Batista’s Golden Day given by Reading Phoenix Choir at the Reading Concert Hall as part of their annual concert was awarded Performance of the Year at the recent Reading Cultural Awards dinner at the Hilton hotel.

Walter Hussey Composition Competition organiser Howard Jenner and Reading Phoenix Choir chair Chris Riley were there to collect the award from the representative of the award’s sponsor Berkeley, the home developers.

BBC Radio 3’s Fiona Talkington announced the win as the performance of a new piece written to celebrate a Reading institution, performed in a Reading institution, as part of a global competition with wide-reaching impact.  The performance was conducted by David Crown in the presence of composer Gerson Batista who had travelled from his home in Portugal to be there and who accepted his award on stage following the performance to rapturous applause from both the audience and the choir.

The inaugural Walter Hussey Composition Competition winning piece Golden Day has now been professionally published by Scherzo Editions, enabling it to be performed by choirs across the world; each edition explaining the background of the piece, and its place in the history of the Reading Phoenix Choir and the town of Reading.

On 13th July, the same day as Reading Phoenix Choir’s 50th Anniversary Gala Concert at the Great Hall at the University of Reading, the world premiere of yet another Gerson Batista piece Wandering the Seven Seas took place at the amazing Colyer-Fergusson Hall in Canterbury by the Caritas Chamber Choir."


Tedx Aveiro 2019


Thank you very much for the invitation TedxAveiro! Congratulations to all the involved, it was a fantastic event and it exceeded all my expectations.


Golden Day is now published


Golden Day is now published!

Many, many thanks to the Reading Phoenix Choir, for the opportunity, because if it were not for them this piece would never have been composed, and of course, many thanks to João Vidinha and Scherzo Editions for the brilliant editing work.
"Let's sing our souls out!"

Golden D2.png

Wandering the Seven Seas  in the UK


My piece "Wandering the Seven Seas" will be premiered on 13th July by the Caritas Chamber Choir at the Colyer Fergusson HallCanterbury.

"It's our great pleasure to announce the finalists and their works for Caritas International Emerging Composer Competition 2019. The theme this year is The Sea! The final will take place on 13th July at the Colyer Fergusson Hall, Canterbury.

Wandering the Seven Seas - Gerson Batista from Portugal 
Common Sailors - Daniel Edwards from U.K. 
The Submerged Citadel - Andrew Egan from Australia 
The Sea - Anthony Esland from U.K. 
The Sea and the Sailor - Harley Jones from U.K. 
Wild Water - Emma Wilde from U.K.

Tickets are already available from here

Please join us for our biggest event of the year!"


Os Suspiros de Dédalo is now published!



Fantástica notícia! É com muita alegria que anuncio que "Os Suspiros de Dédalo" se encontram agora publicados pelo mpmp (movimento patrimonial pela música portuguesa).


Great news! It's with great joy that I announce that my piece "Os Suspiros de Dédalo" [Daedalus sighs], for solo accordion, is now published by mpmp.

you can purchase the music score in:

Suspiros 2.jpg

CATATÓNIA is Now Published


Very good news! My piece Catatónia is now published by Scherzo Editions!

You can get the paper version in the Store or in the Scherzo Editions website.


My work "Bonfire Memories" will be premiered this Sunday (April 7th) by the Coro Universitario de Sant Yago in Valencia (Spain). The premiere will take place at the closing concert of the International Choral Workshop with Eriks Esenvalds.


Great news!

My piece GOLDEN DAY was the 1st Prize Winner of the Walter Hussey Composition Competition. I want to congratulate all the Reading Phoenix Choir, for the INCREDIBLE concert and event, which included many beautiful works from Anton Bruckner, Ola Gjeilo, Ralph Vaughan Williams and so many other incredible composers. I was really overwhelmed by the amazing quality and professionalism of the choir, directed by the incredibly charismatic David Crown. It was an epic day surrounded by incredible singers and people! It all felt like home!


Great news!
My work "Volta à Terra" was awarded with the 1st prize in the National Arts Competition "Aveiro Young Creator 2018" in the Music Category. After all, it was worth the risk of making this crazy piece of music. 
Congratulations to all the other participants and organizers for bringing so much color to Aveiro with this amazing event.


VOLTA À TERRA [2018]  for 4 male voices and 6 synthesizers plugged to Halion One and Massive


It is with great joy that I announce that my work for Choir "Bonfire Memories" was the winner of the International Composition Competition of Coro Universitario Sant Yago in Valencia (Spain), and it will be premiered on the 7th of April in Valência.

"El jurado, presidido por el director del coro, Pau De Luis, ha decidido que del total de 102 obras participantes en el Concurso de Composicion Coral, provenientes de los cinco continentes, las ganadoras son:

- Primer Premio: “Bonfire Memories”
Autor: Gerson De Sousa Batista (Portugal)

- Mención de honor: “Irish Blessing”
Autor: Francisco Jr. De Guzman (Filipinas)

El estreno de las obras tendrá lugar el día 7 de Abril, como parte del programa del concierto de clausura del taller Coral Internacional..."

Bonfire memories2.png

Almost finishing this HUGE edition/encryption work "Circuitus II" for ensemble. A commission made by Casa da Música do Porto to Virgilio Melo, composed for the Remix Ensemble.

Circuitos imagem net2.jpg

Big thanks to the talented StimmGold Vokalensemble, for premiering my piece "Whispers" on the past 20th of October, in Regensburg, Germany.


For the ones who were not present, I think you'll have the opportunity to hear the concert recording soon.


It is already on the 17th of November, that Inês Filipe will premiere my piano piece "DANÇA NO TEMPO".
The concert will be in the Museum of Aveiro, at 4pm, and also counts with a  beautiful program written entirely by Portuguese composers.


F. Lopes-Graça (1906-1994)
Prelúdio III
Prelúdio V
Primeira Sonatina Recuperada

Álvaro Salazar (1938)
Siete apuntes para un meccano

Filipe Pires (1934-2015)
Figurações II

Gerson de Sousa Batista (1988)
A Dança no Tempo (World Premier) 


I just finished  "Viagem à Caverna do Tempo" for Orchestra and Choir, commissioned by the Conservatorio de Música de Águeda
The piece will be premiered soon by the Orquestra Instrumental Ensemble and by the Choir of the Conservatório de Música de Águeda, under the direction of Nuno Silva.

Caverna do Tempo.png

Catatónia [Live COncert Recording]

1st Prize WInner of the 5th edition of the Composition Competition for Choir - Peças Frescas Açores


Take a look/listen.

"Fazem já alguns anos que tudo mudou irreversivelmente

A vida passou a ser outra coisa

Eu sei que é sempre outra coisa, mas desta vez é como se já não existisse..."

A new "baby" was born



“A Dança no Tempo”, for piano, is Completed!
Great journey of sounds!

This piece is dedicated to my dear friend and talented pianist, Inês Carolina de Matos Filipe. 

SPOILER ALERT: World Premier on the 17th November in Museu de Aveiro.


Very good news! We are going to Germany. My work "WHISPERS", for six voice ensemble, was awarded with the 3rd Prize at the International Composition Competition STADT-LAND-FLUSS in Regensburg, Germany. The winning works will be premiered on the 20th October by StimmGold Vokalensemble in the Theater Regensburg.


Está a chegar a versão remisturada e em CD do CINZEIRO de FLORES e por isso aproveito para partilhar um pouco do final da coisa que serviu de prelúdio à odisseia. Nunca pensei que iria partilhar esta canção ou lá o que é isto, pois na altura serviu apenas para eu testar uma data de mecanismos de som, mas hoje pensei: YOLO!!

Fiquem com o score following da parte final da DIMENSÃO SETE.


DIMENSÃO SETE - [2017] canção para 3 vozes, 3 sintetizadores e um piano (parte final)


“Acorda! Agora!

Está na hora de ver a Terra TODA!

Acorda! Agora!

Vamos abrir a caixa de PANDORA!”

A CATATÓNIA, será estreada amanha pelo Nova Era Vocal Ensemble, pelas 21h00, na Igreja do Colégio,em Ponta Delgada. O programa conta ainda com peças de Hugo Vasco ReisSara RossDaniel DavisFábio CachãoJoão Fonseca Costa e Rodrigo Cardoso.

My work "DESCONTORÇÕES" will be premiered at the Festival FOLEFEST 2019 with live broadcast by Antena 2, after being awarded with the 1st Prize of the COMPOSITION COMPETITION for ACCORDION Fundação INATEL / Associação FOLEFEST 2.ª EDIÇÃO – 2018.


* DESCONTORÇÕES [2018] - for flute, accordion, violin, viola, cello and vibraphone

My work "CATATÓNIA", for choir, was awarded with the 1st Prize at the Composition Competition - Peças Frescas 5ª Edição/2018. The premiere will be on the 20th of July at the Igreja do Colégio in Ponta Delgada.

Foi brutal ontem. Organização, oradores e pessoas incríveis!
The TroubleMaker, a fazerem das suas, no TEDxAveiro 2018.

Dia 7 de Fevereiro, no Teatro da Trindade, será estreada a minha peça para acordeão de concerto, “Os Suspiros de Dédalo”, tocada pelo Pedro Santos. O concerto será também transmitido em directo pela Antena 2. Estão todos convidados a aparecer ou a sintonizar a rádio, ao que parece o resto do programa promete!

Comission - Social Resilience Soundtrack 

Aqui está um excerto de uma banda sonora que compus e produzi recentemente para um vídeo encomendado pelo Facebook à Stark Crew. Um vídeo filmado em três países diferentes (U.S.A., Itália e Peru) e ainda com banda sonora portuguesa. :D
Quem quiser espreitar e ver na íntegra pode fazê-lo aqui ( ) é o vídeo com o título "Social Resilience". Cool stuff!

Good News! Já se encontra publicada a Voces Hominum para violino, clarinete em Sib, violoncelo, piano e octeto vocal. Podem já aceder ao link na loja. Quem estiver interessado em ouvir o total da obra pode pedir por mensagem pessoal que eu disponibilizarei um link com vídeo/áudio completo (14 minutos).

Eu e os restantes The Troublemaker vamos estar dia 3 de Fevereiro, a fazer música bem no coração da nossa cidade, na sala principal do Teatro Aveirense para o concerto de lançamento do formato físico do nosso álbum “Sarilhos”. Apontem já nas agendas, está toda a gente convidada a vir participar na grande festa que aí vem!

Cinzeiro de Flores

O Cinzeiro de Flores, uma música/álbum em português, para piano, voz e electrónica, completamente composta, tocada e produzida por mim no meu home studio em Aveiro. Liguem as colunas, encostem-se para trás e embarquem nesta viagem de sons.

My work "O Despertar de Cronus" for classical orquestra, was awarded with an Honorable Mention (2nd prize) at the Composition Competition for Orchestra  Orquestra Clássica do Centro in Portugal.

Despertar de Cronus.png
Cinzeiro de Flores

Hoje é dia do 4º excerto do Cinzeiro de Flores.

Cinzeiro de Flores

Já andam por aí a soar pedaços do Cinzeiro de Flores.