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I recently started publishing a series of works with score-follow on my YouTube channel. Visit the chanel for more.

Explore the website, and take a dive into some of my work.

Contact me for any purpose you think is relevant, I will try to respond as briefly as possible to all messages.

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DESOUSA EDITIONS was created with the aim of making pieces that were not yet published accessible to the world, without overloading the publishers where I am already published (Scherzo Editions, AvA Musical Editions, MIC.PT - Centro de Investigação & Informação da Música Portuguesa, Arpejo Editora, Musicalion, Publishing House KOMPOZITOR, mpmp), and with which we have no intention of competing. We'll also expand our publications to other creators, in the near future.

And just because it feels like we're playing with the Universe, our first DESOUSA EDITIONS published work is PLAYING WITH THE UNIVERSE

CONSERTO PRODUCTIONS | Production and agency of multimedia shows


CONSERTO PRODUCTIONS in an Artistic Collective, with headquarters in Aveiro (Portugal), for the creation, production and agency of multimedia shows, composed by music and theater performers, technicians and producers.

Currently, producing O SAXOFONE QUE FALAVA,  O GRANDE SOUSINI, Diário de uma Pandemia and   É com certeza uma Tasca Portuguesa!

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