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1st Prize:  Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal): "The Choke of the Swarm!"

2nd Prize: Areg Galoyan (Armenia): "Last lullaby"

3rd Prize:  Ivan Božičević (Serbia): "Three-Quarters of a Samba"

3rd Prize:  Kateřina Horká (Czech Republic): "Pièce d´orgue"

*THE CHOKE OF THE SWARM [2022] is a concert staged for organ, 1 singer/actor, installation and electronics, with psychedelic contours, which focuses on the themes of the bustle and uncertainties resulting from a globalized world, with so many different things happening. "So much to be done and so little time to do it!"


The awards ceremony and premieres of the works took place on 22 April at Heldenorgel in Kufstein (Tyrol, Austria), where. The CHOKE OF THE SWARM was performed by Elisabeth Hubmann. 

Soon to be published by DESOUSA EDITIONS

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