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My work "THE WIND CALLS US!" was awarded with the 1st PRIZE at the Cornwall Male Choral Festival International Composition Competition 2020, and was premiered in Cornwall 2021 by the Cornwall Male Choral, conducted by Gareth Churcher.

Also, congratulations to my colleagues for the fantastic music and for the awards,

Claudio Ferrara from Italy ( 2nd Prize ) and Kari Medina from the USA (3rd Prize).

Check them out, they are insanely good composers!

Listen to the excerpt

THE WIND CALLS US! [2020] for male choir | excerpt

"Mother, your son belongs to the wind 
the trees are our sisters,
and the wind guides us to Ragnarök!

The wolves taught me how to hunt in shadows,
the wind guides us all to Ragnarök!"

* This audio recording was made with my own voice.

Soon to be published by DESOUSA EDITIONS

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