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My piece "SUBINDO A MONTANHA!"[2021], for Bercandeon duo and reciter, was awarded with the 1st prize at the International Composition Competition for Bercandeon in Italy. 

1st Prize:  Gerson de Sousa Batista (1988, Portugal): Subindo a Montanha
2nd Prize: Marilena Licata (1993, Italy): Madame Chauchat
3rd Prize: Julián Calarco (1988, Argentina): Sogno fra la neve
Young composer prize: Nauris Prikšāns (2004, Latvia): Der Zaubergberg


About the work:
"Subindo a Montanha!" was inspired by several ideas from the novel the Magic Mountain, by Thomas Mann, such as the subjective character of time, the revival through change, and the mutation of the same characters as time passes by.

Get the score here:

Gerson Batista - Subindo a Montanha! | by Davide Bonetti [excerpts with score]

Subindo a Montanha! [2021] for bercandeon duo and reciter 9' (excerpt)

Music | Gerson de Sousa Batista
Performed by Davide Bonetti in 2021 (Italy)

David Bonetti


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