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"We are pleased to announce the results of the 18th edition of the “Gheorghe Dima” International Competition, Composition Section:

1st Prize: Gerson De Sousa Batista (Portugal) with the piece QUARANTINE!

2nd Prize: Rolli Cesare (Italy) with the piece Vanitas

3rd Prize: Anthony Mondon (France) with the piece Metaphors"

This is the result of several hardworking weeks, reflecting and writing on a depiction of the pandemic state. Also, congratulations to my fellow composer colleagues, Rolli Cesare and Anthony Mondon.

"QUARANTINE!" was performed by all the 5 finalists of the Gheorghe Dima International Conductors Competition in 2021, Mariana Rosas  (Argentina), Eleriin Müüripeal (Estonia), Thomas Stadler (Germany), Olivia Tait (UK) and Ines Kaun ( Germany).


Take a listen to the excerpt, conducted by Mariana Rosas

Quarantine! will soon be published by DESOUSA Editions.

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