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Great concert by great musicians! It was an epic journey through Germany, surrounded by fantastic and beautiful people. Thank you so much! I'll be back soon!

1st Prize: „String played by the mob“ by Gerson Batista (*1988) from Portugal

2nd Prize: „immersions“ by Otto Wanke (*1989) from Austria

3rd Prize: „die stadt" by  Graham Buckland (*1951) from Germany


Listen to this excerpt by Stimmgold Vokalensemble

STRING PLAYED BY THE MOB [2019] for 6 voice ensemble | excerpt
Performed by StimmGold Vokalensemble in 2021

StimmGold: Marlene Kraft (A.), Christina Müller (Mz.), Helene Grabitzky (S.), Jakob Steiner (B.), Marlo Honselmann (Br.) and Christoph Schäfer(T.).

About the work:
It's all about the chaos of the city, catalyzed by globalization and technological evolution. "Moving forward! Towards the sky!" 

"Mirrors all over
sparkling in between the blocks
along the long trails of people
the stream of humans
the chain of thoughts

the vigorous string played by the mob is sounding forward


You can get the score here:

You can get the full performance and the StimmGold CD here:

StimmGold Vokalensemble:

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