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O LABIRINTO DE PAN | for wind orchestra (c.5')


Music | Gerson de Sousa Batista


Cover Paint | Gerson de Sousa Batista

O LABIRINTO THE PAN, for wind orchestra (grade 3) 
1st Prize at the National Composition Competition for Wind Orchestra Conservatório Vale do Sousa in 2017

The purchase of this piece includes the full score and all parts.

4 Flutes I & IIFlutes III & IVOboeBb Clarinet I & IIBb Clarinet III & IVAlto saxofone I,II & IIIAlto saxofone IV & Vtenor saxbaritone saxBassoon IBassoon II & IIIHorn IHorn II & III2 Trumpets I2 Trumpets IIBaritoneTrombone I & IITrombone III & IVTuba Perc I Perc IITimpani


O Labirinto de Pan

72,00 € Preço normal
57,60 €Preço promocional
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