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Playing with the Universe | for Male Choir (c.5')


Music and text | Gerson de Sousa Batista


Cover painting | Vilma de Sousa Batista



Don't you sometimes feel that life is a game and that we are constantly playing with the Universe? PLAYING WITH THE UNIVERSE [2019] is a mixture of some of my texts (some expressly for this work and some others from previous pieces), which suggest exactly this way of being.


PLAYING WITH THE UNIVERSE was premiered in Minneapolis, and then played in Stillwater, Edina, Saint Paul and Wayzata by Cantus in their past series of concerts "One Giant Leap" (2019). "One Giant Leap" celebrates the allure of upward exploration, the triumph of the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence through innovation and technology."With original text and complex rhythms and harmonies, Gerson hoped to take listeners and performers on a wild ride through the cosmos." - Cantus Sings This piece is the “younger sister“ of "string played by the mob", already published by Scherzo Editions.Sobre “Brincar com o Universo“ (PT)


Playing with the Universe

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