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*The purchase of this item includes the fixed media electronics parts (delivered by email).

THE CHOKE OF THE SWARM takes the form of a staged concert for Organ, Voice and fixed media.

The SWARM, suffocated by the passage of time and the entropy of globalization. There's so much to do in such a short life, and time does not stop! THE CHOKE OF THE SWARM is an ode to the entropy of the Universe, that depicts the bumps, precautions and uncertainties of life, of this reality and of the uncertainties of existence.

THE CHOKE OF THE SWARM" was awarded with the 1st Prize at KlangArten Organ Composition Competition 2022, in Austria, and it was premiered first as a solo organ work by Elisabeth Hubmann in Kufstein (Austria)

The Choke of the Swarm

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